Tuesday, 30 June 2009

the end of day 2

The end of day 2 at 47 Reservoir st Surry Hills. In keeping with the Brisbane theme the shop here will be mostly black.

A little piece of Bris making tracks in Sydney

Nice to be able to ride the Berretto round town. Took it for a few laps of the park.

I left my heart in Brisbane and a 72 280E

Saw this beauty parked just near Centennial Park. Just like my old beast only in perfect condition, unlike mine that cooked its battery and almost poisoned us running home from the coast.

Day 1 - construction Reservoir Street

It feels like I have vanished for the last week. I have not had a working phone and limited use of email, so I have to apologise to friends and clients that have been wondering where the hell I've been.
I will soon be manning the Sydney Cloakroom store once its had the finishing touches of course.
I will also try to make as regular posts as possible, keeping you all in the loop.


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fashions on the Field

Brisbane's racing carnival is currently in full swing and this Saturday just gone was the premiere day - the Stradbroke Handicap.
After discovering that this year's Fashions on the Field had only 1 category (men and women together) I hesitantly entered myself. Dressed head to toe in Cloakroom kit, including a 3 pce suit and our new gloves (just arrived), I was pleasantly surprised to be the only male to make the final of 10 (from 150 contestants).
That I went on to win was a massive and very exciting shock.

Subsequent press coverage centered on the fact that it was the first time that a male had ever won the event. See here
Though we were referred to as 'tailors' by the journo, which we aren't, it was great to see some coverage for male fashion, which suffers from disproportionate under-coverage here in Brisbane.

The 3 pce is a great Winter suit as it allows for us to use a medium weight fabric that still works well in the warmer months as a regular 2 pce suit. Although we offer a number of waistcoat options including a version with a lapel, as well as a double breasted option, I find the the classic 5 button is an easy one to wear and the lines it creates work really well with a classic 2 Button suit.