Saturday, 24 July 2010

MBFF program - After Hours

As well as a full week of shows there are some great off-site events happening including a series of talks at the State Library. Details here

I've been fortunate enough be invited as a guest to one of the talks, and I am expecting 'The Return of Male Sartorial Elegance' should make for some interesting conversation.
The talks will be facilitated by the very capable Alison Kubler, and on the panel I'll be joined by a very impressive cast including Mitchell Oakley Smith from GQ, Brent Wilson and Mark Neighbour.

Mitchell will also be in town to promote his new book which is released on August 1st -
Fashion: Australian & New Zealand Designers.

Keep your eyes out for that one. It's sure to be a jammed with interesting content and images and just happens to feature Josh and myself with our Pistols at Dawn brand.

MBFF - 2 Weeks to go!

It now just 2 weeks to go until we send out our Summer collection. Although it's been nerve wracking, Josh and I are hoping we'll have everything ready for the night.

If you haven't bought tickets be quick as they're almost all gone.
Check it out at

Saturday, 17 July 2010

new arrivals

Landed this week were some new shirts. We decided the shop needed some fresh whites.
A pinpoint plain fronted with our smaller mod style #5#1 collar.
Off white heavy linen with placket and classic pocket. #6#1 hidden button collar
Blue and white fine stripe with our #12#3 spread. Something a bit more work'ish.

cloakroom custom order

Thought I would post some very nice custom orders heading to their owners this week.
A mix of Button Downs and our Hidden Button Down that keeps the collars in place when worn open.