Wednesday, 27 August 2008

GQ Menswear Parade

Thanks to everyone for their support.
We are really happy with how the show went on Monday night and we've had a fantastic response.
If you'd like to see images and a review of the menswear show check out the link below.

And for the complete gallery of all our outfits take a look at


SNAP! said...

the photos look great! congratulations! let's bring pistols to montreal - seriously. we can wok up a catalogue with these images and get going!

NathanJay said...

Andrew, we met at the opening of Pure Man a couple of years back. At that time, you were doing the Pistols of Dawn shirting. My colleague and good friend purchased some shirts after a fitting in Ultra Suite. At the time, I was most impressed with the shirting and you have only come on in leaps and bounds since then. You should be very proud, this is a great collection.