Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Black Tie - what to wear?

We have a lot of guys come and see us for a range of suiting for a number of occasions. One thing we have seen more of are requests for a suit that satisfies a 'Black Tie' invitation.
Traditionally a Tuxedo or Dinner suit is the way to go, but you quickly run into problems with a lot of off-the-rack interpretations of this. They'll often be boxy, often over the top with the styling and not very flattering to wear.

This is a recent Tuxedo we had made for one such request. We've taken a number of traditional elements and designed a suit that is still modern. The Peaked lapel is a very 'Tuxedo' detail, but is often too wide or pointy. A narrower Peak helps create a much sharper look.
We've opted for the silk detailing (in a flat silk)on the lapel and pocket jetting. The jacket pocket flaps can be tucked in for a cleaner look to show this off. The suit has silk covered buttons and we've incorporated the traditional 2nd button inside the breast. This allows the jacket to be worn buttoned up, but with a symmetrical line. (The breasts meet rather than overlap)
Silk braids matching the lapel silk on the trousers is something we'll also often include, but in a narrower width than most.

The 2nd image shows the pocket flaps tucked in and the 2nd button done up.

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