Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Australian - we've gone national!

It was a very exciting moment to open The Australian today and see a huge photo and half page on our new Sydney store.
It's not often in life that these things happen, and although they've already started printing tomorrow's newspaper and today's will be rubbish in no time, these fleeting moments do provide something that is both very humbling and quite satisfying.
Many thanks to Georgina and Damien for their fantastic support.

If you missed picking up a copy the online version can be seen here


Gordon said...

Hi Guys,

Saw your photo in The Australian's Fashion Extra today. Like your motivation, but hate to have to tell you that charcoal grey or gunmetal grey with a white shirt and no tie really lacks 'interest'. It may be the look you're after, but it’s so bland and boring. Looks like you're on your way to a mundane wedding. If the shirt or coat had some pattern or colour in it (doesn't have to be pinstripes), that would make a whole lot of difference and be more in-line with the 'creative' theme. If you're worried about the coat looking too much like businessware, try a sports coat. Even a pale blue or pale pink shirt would look better; even though they've been around for so long they'd hardly be called 'creative'.

Hannah said...

hells ye! rock and come to canada already :)

the cloakroom said...

Apologies Gordon on the reproduction of the photos, it's actually a petrol blue suit for Andrew and a heavily textured black linen jacket for Josh.
I'm not sure where the charocal is that you speak of.

Bill said...

josh, maybe you can hire gordon as your styling expert!