Monday, 5 October 2009

My first real off on the beretto

I have had my share of BMX stax. With two younger brothers there was always a make shift ramp in the front yard resulting in at least one split lip and busted handlebars.
This morning on a gentle ride to La Perouse and back I hit a bump in the road and ate it. No where near as bad as it could have been. A little scratch here and there, bent handle bars and a ripped vest.
All in all pretty luck given I'm riding a carbon fork with no specified age!


munga said...

carbon fork and downtube shifters. awesome.

Bree said...

You'll be wearing cycling gloves every time you ride from now on!

Directed to your site through being classed as one of the 50 most stylish in QLD - and I can see why - nice website.