Monday, 2 November 2009

The Chelsea

I have made a quick stop into Brisbane while Andrew is on his way home from New York.
Being a creature of habit I try to get to at least one of my favourite spots.
Over the last couple of years I have got to know Steve Ackerie. Even before we met he was known to Nadi and I as 'stylish Steve'. It was rare for me to ever see him not wearing a wide spread button up with textured ties in flat colours of either wool or cotton. He just had that natural ability to wear things without it looking like he spent any time deciding on his outfit.
You know what I mean. Something I'm still searching for!

He now has his own venture in Paddington.
The Chelsea is a small bistro eatery with a warm Parisian style fitout by the very clever kids at Richards and Spence.
It has been my dependable breakfast location and somewhere I would ride to from the shop in the afternoon for a Campari or glass of Pinot.
Sunday's lunch was no exception - lamb rump on a bed of mash washed down with a glass of chianti.

By the way he is also a keen cyclist with some enviable machines in his arsenal and a sprinkling of good cycling books at the bar.
Thanks for lunch Steve, looking forward to seeing you in Sydney soon.

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Theo said...

Hey, just been browsing your blog and it's nice and stuff (I mean it's a store blog, the content is interesting and stuff, but it's not as though it's shazzzaammm (not that it has to be)).

Anyway, my only criticism is that your type is almost impossible to read without highlighting it. Maybe usings a san-serif font, increasing the size, changing the colour or a combination thereof would improve the readability.

Just my 2c and I hope to pop into your store soon.